Can't wait until the next session and want to add a bit of Mini Elephant sparkle in between classes?

Not everyone can afford all the high tech equipment we use in our classes but here are some inexpensive ideas to get you started at home...

Scarf play

Younger baby

 *Simple Peekaboo game - scarves are ideal for babies as they can see through it so have the reassurance that you are there 

 *Sing 'this is the way we' (tune of mulberry bush)
This is the way we tickle with scarves,
Tickle with scarves x2
This is the way we tickle with scarves
When I'm playing with (name)
(Repeat for 'wiggle with scarves' when wiggling scarf over baby and also repeat for 'playing peekaboo')
*Sing 'Mr golden sunshine' and gentle stroke the scarf over baby
'Mr sunshine, mr golden sun,
Shine your light on me,
Mr sunshine mr golden sun
Hide behind a tree
This little baby is asking you
To please come out so they can play with you too
So mr sunshine mr golden sun
Shine your light on me!
*Tickling baby with the scarf

Older baby and beyond

 *Hide objects under or in the scarf to unwrap
*Dancing with scarves
*Throw up watch float to the ground

Egg shakers

Younger baby

 *Visual and audio tracking, shake the egg and gentle move it around, allowing baby to follow it's movements and sound.
*Sing our 'shake your egg' song to body parts...
(Tune of frere Jacques)  Shake your egg x2
By your toes x2
Shake it x6
Shake Shake Shake x3
(Repeat for other body parts)

Older baby

*Play 'which hand is it in?' Your little one will love guessing tapping your hand to choose.
*Take an egg each and shake and sing all your favourite songs together!
*Make a simple ramp for your child to roll the eggs down. They will love the cause and effect of this action, as well as the noise it makes!

Bubbles—a handbag essential!

Blow some bubbles for baby to watch. Any age baby or child love watching bubbles floating by, as they get older they may like to chase and pop them. Great for outdoor fun. Please make sure your child is never left unattended with these bubbles or the packaging. Avoid contact with eyes.

Foil blanket

Younger baby 

 Some babies love the shiny crinkly material. They will enjoy scrunching and making a noise whilst seeing the shiny reflective surface.

Older baby and beyond

 Try hiding toys under the blanket to find!
Did you know you can see through a space blanket? You could show your toddler how to make a simple den using the blanket and cushions!

Build up your very own Sensory Play pack to use at home. Here are some ideas to add to your pack:
Wooden/natural objects to make a treasure basket
Fabrics of different textures
Musical instruments (maracas, drum etc)
CD of natural sounds or lullabies

Messy play

 Here are some recipes and ideas for messy play, to extend some of these you could add food colouring and/or glitter depending on their age. Never ever leave your child unattended with any of these ideas and always closely supervise.

Rice crispies - sprinkle and crunch them!
Cloud dough - (1 part veg oil to 8 parts flour)
Gloop - (1 part water to 3 parts cornflour)
Ice in water - simple but lots of fun and an interesting way to develop understandings of solids and liquids

Salt dough - (1 part salt 1 part water to 2 parts flour - mix the flour and salt first then add water.) This recipe is great for footprints, just air dry.

We hope you enjoy trying out some of these ideas. Please always supervise and have lots of fun!
Any questions please email or if you have any ideas for songs, games or activities then please get in touch and they may appear on this page (with full credit to you of course!)

If you don’t fancy the mess at home and enjoy a social experience for both you and baby/toddler then come along to one of our baby sessions. We have the bonus of our high tech Sensory equipment to add an extra dimension, along with various themes, fresh ideas and group activities!

We look forward to seeing you soon!